Not all Code changes cost you money. Many, if you know them, will save you money. Here are just a few from 2017 that will save you money if you understand how to use them. If you don' us for a seminar and find out!

Do you know the rules for high-leg systems in 110.15?

Click through these slides from our 8-hour General Requirements course and find out!

The 2017 National Electrical Code has several changes to 210.52(C), which covers kitchen countertop

(and now work surface) receptacles. Click through the graphics to understand how the Code rules have changed.

New Code language is in yellow underlined text.

These are from our 8-hour Branch Circuits and Feeders, as well as our 8-hour Code Changes course.

Utah electricians: Click this link to download the Utah State Construction Code (state amendments).